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American Bison

Scientific Name: Bison bison

Other Names: American Buffalo

Habitat and Range: Grasslands, prairies and open forests, ranging from isolated pockets through Midwestern Canada and the United states

Lifespan: 20 years in the wild, and 35 years in captivity

Size and Weight: The body can be between 2.1- 3.5 m. (7-11 feet) with the tail extending up to 90 cm (up to 3 feet)

Gestation: 270-285 days with mom delivering only 1 calf

Diet: Herbivore- grasses, leaves, shoots and bark from succlent vegetation

Characteristics: American Bison travel in herds up to 2 miles a day constantly grazing. They have an excellent sense of hearing and smell. When they are in danger the females will surround the calves and the males will surround the females shielding them from thei attacker. A bison calf is born a light reddish brown and will begin to darken in color at about 6 months in age.

IUCN Status: 2008- Near Threatened

Conservation: Hunted almost to extinction by 1900, the American Bision Society was formed in 1905 to secure the survival of the species. They are now protected in national parks and perserves.

Did you Know: Most Indian tribes relied almost entirley on the bison for food and clothing. In times of war the hide from the neck of the bison was dried flat and used as a shield by the Indians.



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