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Black Swan

Scientific Name: Cygnus atratus

Habitat and Range: Native to wetlands and marshes of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania

Lifespan: Up to 40 years

Size and Weight: 4 feet long, and can weigh about 20 pounds

Gestation: They have a clutch of 4-10 eggs that hatch in 35 days. Both sexes share an incubation duty

Diet: Aquatic vegetation, invertebrates and occasionally grains

Characteristics: Black Swans can fly at speeds up to 50 mils per hour. They get their repuation for aggression because they are vigorous defenders of their nest and young.

IUCN Status: 2016- Least Concern

Did you know: Male swans are called “cobs”, females are called “pens”, and chicks are called “cygnets.”







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