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American Black Bear

Scientific Name: Ursus americanus

Habitat and Range: Live in temperate and coniferous forests and mountains throughout North America including Canada and Mexico

Lifespan: 18 years in the wild and up to 30 years in captivity

Gestation: 220 days for gestation with mom giving birth from 1-5 cubs. Mating occurs in the summer and the females give birth in a den during the winter. Cubs are born naked and blind but by early spring their coats are grown and eyes are open. They will stay with their mother for a secind winter and will leave her care by the following spring.

Diet: Omnivores- eating fruits, nuts, grasses, herbs, roots, fungus, insects, fish and small mammals

Characteristics: Black Bears can vary in color from black to cinnamon, to brown or dirty blond. The males are called boars and the females are called sows

IUCN Status: 2016- Least Concern

Did you know: The black bear is not a true hibernator, it remains semiconscious throughout winter, even though its respiration slows, body temperature drops and metabolic rate is depressed








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