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Common Marmoset

Scientific Name: Callithrix jacchus

Other Name: White Tufted Ear Marmoset

Range and Habitat: Primarily arboreal, can be found in secondary forests and along forest edges. They range from the Atlantic coastal forests of Northeastern Brazil

Life Span: 10 to 16 years

Gestation: 144 days, with the usual birth of twins

 Diet: They will forage the rainforest canopy for fruits, seeds, insects, tree sap, gum and nectar.

Characteristics: The common marmoset can spend up to 70% of the time foraging for food, they particularly enjoy foraging for tree sap and gum. They have specially adapted teeth that allow them to chew into tree bark to release the sap and gum.

IUCN Status: Least Concern 2015

Conservation: They are currently widespread and not in danger

Did you Know: The common marmsets have been introduced to other parts of South America that are typically within its natural range. You can even commonly find them in urban centers suce as Buenos Aires and Rio de Janerio where they thrive in gardens and parks.



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