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Black Howler Monkey

Scientific Name: Alouatta caraya

Other Name: Black and Gold Howler Monkey, Black Howling Monkey

Habitat and Range: Tropical semi-deciduous and broadleaf forests and semi-arid forest, ranging from Eastern Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay, and northern Argentina

 Lifespan: Up to 16 years in the wild and up to 25 years in captivity

Gestation: 6 months with mom giving birth to only 1 infant. When born infants are a light brown, and when males reach the age of 2 they will begin to turn black while the famle will be more of a dirty tan or brown.   

Diet: Leaves, fruit, flowers, buds and insects

Characteristics: The Howler Monkey gets its name from its howl that can be hear 3 miles away. They have a prehensile tale which acts as a 5th hand, allowing them to grip limbs and branches while moving through the trees. Most live in large social groups made up of family members usually between 5-8 members.


Conservation: Due to poaching for their meat abd deforestation, the Black Howler monkey's numbers are declining. Efforts to stop the bush meat trade, establishment of breeding programs and international conservation efforts will help preserve wiold populations.

Did you Know: Howler Monkeys are considered folivorous, meaning they primarily eat leaves. They have specilized digestive tracts that allow them digest leaves and they can spend as much as 70% of their day resting and digesting




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