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African Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo

Habitat and Range: Savanna grasslands, open woodlands of Eastern and Southern Africa

Lifespan: 10 years in the wild, 18 years in captivity

Size and Weight: Body can be between 1.4- 2.5 m (5-8 feet) with their tail extending 70-105 cm (42-48 inches). African Lions can weigh in at about 120-250 kg (265-550 pounds)

Gestation: 100-119 days, and the female giving birth to 1-6 cubs 

Diet: Strictly carnivores, they will prey on large native mammals like the zebra, antelope and buffalo, and may even eat carrion

Adaptations: The African Lion's iconic roar is a well made adaptation for long-distance communication. Both male and female lions can roar. A male lion will begin to roar after 1 year, females will following a little after that. Lions roar to warn intruders, mark their territory, bond with the pride, and most importantly to intimidate other animals. Roars can be heard up to 5 miles away.

IUCN Status:  2016 - Vulnerable

Conservation: In Africa, Lions are present in a number of large and well-managed protected areas and remain one of the most popular animals on the must-see lists of tourists. Because Lions generate a significant cash revenue for both park management and local communities a strong incentive for lion conservation is in place. Efforts include educating, reducing lion-human conflict, increasing habitat and insuring a wild prey base. At the zoo we are involved in conservation by educating and raising awarness for lion conservation.

Did you Know: When a new male takes over a pride, he will usually kill the cubs. Then the females come into estrus and the new male sires his own cubs.


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